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30 (Soft) Rock: Tina Fey Duets With Chistopher Cross

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Is there anything Tina Fey can't do? She's an actress, screenwriter, genius Palin impersonator...and now she's a songstress of sorts, teaming with Grammy-winning '80s soft-rocker Christopher Cross on the upcoming "30 Rock" soundtrack.

The bizarre track, "Lemon's Song," is based on a scene from the show's fourth season, and kicks off with Tina's iconic character Liz Lemon whining about her ex-boyfriend Floyd and fantasizing about her life turning out just like a sappy Cross ballad. Then Christopher chimes in...and the whole production gets pretty weird. The tune is actually billed in a press release as "probably the most awkward song on a soundtrack ever made"--although we assume by "awkward," the show's PR team means "awesome."

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"Pucker up and give the world a kiss," Christopher croons to the sour Lemon, as lite-radio Mangione-style horns swell in the background. "Miss Lemon, the sweet life waits for you."


The two-disc "30 Music" soundtrack, featuring music composed by Tina's husband Jeff Richmond and a tune by modern-day soft-rocker Michael Bublé, is out November 16--and it's no lemon! Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Jeff Richmond - "Page Off Intro/Theme From '30 Rock' Kenneth Chokes"
2. Jeff Richmond - "Carol"
3. Jeff Richmond - "Frenchy/Slummin' It"
4. Jeff Richmond - "Restaurant/Snowy Night/Light of Day"
5. Jeff Richmond, Jason Sudeikis & Tina Fey - "Jack in Four/Cha Cha/Cleveland"
6. Jeff Richmond - "My Funny Valentine"
7. Jeff Richmond - "Boys in Gayland/Halloween/Chicken Killer/Jack Attack"
8. Jeff Richmond - "Meet Donny/Spanx/Dirty 30's/Liz Taylor"
9. Michael Bublé - "Mr. Templeton"
10. Jeff Richmond - "Sunset Rounds"
11. Jeff Richmond - "Lizzie's Blues/Sad Clown"
12. Jeff Richmond - "Claire/Handkiss/The Getaway"
13. Jeff Richmond - "Colleen/Dumb Moon/Headlights"
14. Jeff Richmond - "Dad/Pieces of Wood"
15. Jeff Richmond - "Ave Maria as Played by Kathy Geiss at the Cryogenic Freezing of Her Father/Blind Love"
16. Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, Edie Falco, Jack McBrayer, Kevin Brown & Grizz Chapman - "Midnight Train to Georgia"
17. Jeff Richmond - "30 Rock - Long Play Version/ The Bitenuker"

1. Jane Krakowski - "Make a Pizza"
2. Katreese Barnes & Kyle Gordon - "That's Her"
3. Jane Krakowski - "Muffin Top"
4. Tracy Morgan & Donald Glover - "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"
5. Alec Baldwin & Jeff Richmond - "Simple Things"
6. Jane Krakowski - "Tennis Night"
7. Cheyenne Jackson - "Danny Boy"
8. Jane Krakowski & Cheyenne Jackson - "The Christmas Waltz"
9. Jane Krakowski, Elaine Stritch & Alec Baldwin - "The Christmas Song"
10. Jane Krakowski - "The America Song &the Mob"
11. Tracy Morgan & Jack McBrayer - "I Will Always Love You"
12. Tina Fey & Christopher Cross - "Lemon's Theme"
13. Anita Gillette, Jan Hooks, Patti LuPone, Elaine Stritch & Cast - "Don't Go to Bed With a Frown"
14. Jeff Richmond - "What Do You Say to Cleveland (The Demo of the Unused Cleveland Song)"


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