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A Lady Of Simpler Means: Lady Gaga Flashback!

Tiffany Lee
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The world might as well enter "Lady Gaga" into the Oxford dictionary meaning "strangely dressed, incredibly popular" since her reach around the world is unmatched right now. But there was once a simpler time when her getups were not so shocking and her presentations not so elaborate.

We at Yahoo! are stoked to be the only online destination to watch the biggest concert of 2011, "A Decade Of Difference: A
Concert Celebrating 10 Years Of The William J. Clinton Foundation
." Gaga, along with Usher, U2's Bono and The Edge and more will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl to raise money for former President Bill Clinton's organization that funds international philanthropic efforts. But this isn't the first time Yahoo! and Lady Gaga have crossed paths: Take a trip with me all the way back to the olden times of 2008, where a spunky, promising young pop star didn't yet know she was on the doorstep to superstardom.

It seems strange to think about a time when Lady Gaga's hairstyle was steadily consistent and outfits weren't made of perishable goods, but Yahoo! Music spotted this burgeoning talent from a mile away. We were fortunate enough to steal Gaga away for a private performance and interview just before she became an worldwide pop icon. At the time, she was over the moon to perform on the dance competition TV show "So You Think You Can Dance" and the televised "Miss Universe" pageant with just her and two backup singers. Smallest of potatoes now!

Check out Gaga's live performance for Yahoo! Music of her single "Love Game" from her debut album "The Fame":

Idealistic, articulate and incredibly driven, Lady Gaga was always a big
picture girl, personally taking up the task to save pop music from the beginning. The media called Gaga a shock artist back then, imagine if they could see how she is now! Hear her backstory straight from the Lady's mouth:

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