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Acrobatic Tumble Briefly Lands Pink in Hospital

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Pink might want to start leaving the high-flying acrobatic act to the professional acrobats. The pop star was about to perform the last song of her Nuremberg, Germany, concert on Thursday when her harness malfunctioned, sending her (and a backup dancer) tumbling off the stage. Pink fell right into a steel barricade. In video footage of the accident, a long minute passes while Pink mutters expletives and her helpers and security people try to pull the rock diva back up again. Eventually, Pink appears back onstage, only to apologize to her fans, who cheer her on as she explains that she "might have broke something" and needs to end the show early.

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Tweeting from an ambulance, Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, apologized again: "To all my nurnberg fans- I am so so so sorry to end the show that way.I am embarassed and very sorry. I'm in ambulance now but I will b fine."

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She paid only a brief visit to the hospital, according to a Twitter update from her husband, Cary Hart, who said she was "already out of the hospital" and "all good," adding: "Steel barrier-1 Pink-0." 

She seemed to put the blame on her clown-costumed helpers/backup dancers, who are shown in the video putting her into a harness. Pink tweeted, "didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly,drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade. Getting xrays.I hope it at least looked cool!!!" She later followed up with a health report: "Ok all my lovers out there- nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore."

This isn't the first time 30-year-old Pink has run into some trouble during her "Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour" -- and it's not even the first time she's experienced a mishap while touring in Germany. In September, she separated her shoulder while performing a trapeze act, and in June, E! Online reported that her tour bus caught fire while she was traveling from Berlin to Munich.

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Responding to fan's concerns for her backup dancer, who also fell off the stage, Pink tweeted Friday morning, "Nikki is also doing fine. I will buy her an ice cream later."

As of Friday afternoon, everything seemed back to normal. Her husband tweeted on the matter again, saying: "...waiting for @pink to take the stage. She is ready to tear it up. The barrier better look out!"


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