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All Paul Needs Is Love

Stop The Presses!

Yes, but is she a vegetarian?

Rumors--with wings--have been flying all day since British tabloids the Sunday Mirror and Sunday Telegraph published reports that Paul McCart…er, make that Sir Paul McCartney, is poised to marry gal pal Nancy Shevell, whom he began dating a little over a year ago in the midst of his messy $50 million divorce from Heather Mills.

We don't know exactly when, or IF, the rumored nuptials may take place. (A McCartney rep has denied the wedding gossip altogether.) Given Macca's rep as a romantic--remember, it was a cozy Route 66 drive across the U.S. last summer that sealed his relationship with Nancy--could a Valentine's Day ceremony be possible? But there is one thing we do know: While Groucho Marx once famously noted that "love flies out the door when money flies innuendo," unlike the case with Heather Mills, no one's going to be able to hurl any gold-digger dirt at the late-fortysomething Nancy Shevell.

While the ex-Beatle may be the musical one in this couple, the very well-heeled Shevell's life story can perhaps be best summed up with her own theme song: "Keep On Truckin.'" She has spent the last 25 years working for her father's New Jersey-based New England Motor Freight Company, which back in the 1980s was investigated (though never officially put on trial) by the federal government for possible ties to organized crime. Additionally, Shevell has since 2001 been a member of the board of New York State's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a position she was appointed to by former New York Governor George Pataki, who also just happened to appoint Shevell's former and newly divorced husband, Republican lawyer Robert Blakeman, to a high transportation-related position with the state. (All of which, I guess, would seem to imply that maybe it's McCartney who'd better play this marriage carefully.)

Another thing we do know is that if Shevell needs a wedding dress, she'll need look no further than her future stepdaughter, Stella McCartney. The second-oldest child of Paul and the late Linda McCartney's three children, Stella is a successful fashion designer, and has made high-profile wedding gowns for a number of celebs, including Madonna (oops, guess one that didn't turn out so good) and, most recently, Scarlett Johannson.

Too soon to tell if Scarlett's marriage will hold, of course. But whatever the case, here's wishing McCartney the very best if he weds again. And if he comes strolling down the aisle humming "(Money) Can't Buy Me Love," well, you heard it here first. 

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