Stop The Presses!

Amy Winehouse Raps: No, No, No!

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Many people are anxiously waiting for rehab-resistant British bad girl Amy Winehouse to finally head back to the studio and work on the follow-up to her multiple-Grammy-winning Back To Back opus. But if the clip below is an example of what she's coming up with during her latest recording sessions, then we say she still dearly needs a little more R&R on the tranquil island of St. Lucia.

Because Amy is RAPPING. Yes, rapping.

No, no, no!

To be fair, this amateur video with Mark Ronson-associated U.K. soulman Zalon is clearly just done for a laugh. We're fairly certain that MC Amy will not be spitting rhymes on her long-delayed next album. So on the plus side, this silly flip-cam clip reveals that a) the troubled diva is feeling spunky and happy these days, and b) she's at least back in the studio in some way.

But on the minus side, Amy a) doesn't seem to be making serious, professional use of her studio time, and b) doesn't seem to be, well, very rehabbed, if you catch our drift.

Amy, we know you're not reading this, but if you are...please, hunker down in that studio, do what you do best, and get to work already. You know you're no a rapper.

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