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Apr. 25-May 1: Beyoncé Says ‘Move Your Body’ To Fight Child Obesity

Stop The Presses!

This week, Beyoncé worked hermagic and did the impossible. She made Michelle Obama's fight against childhoodobesity look cooler and more fashionable than ever before. The pop chart divarevamped her 2007 hit "Get Me Bodied," and dubbed the new version "Move YourBody" in support of the first lady's "Let's Move!" healthy eating campaign.

"Move Your Body" explodedafter Tuesday, racking up nearly 1.5 million YouTube video playsin less than a week. In the video, the "Halo" singer, dressed in short shorts,knee high socks, and heels, storms into a junior high school cafeteria andleads a group of students through eight missions that involve various dancemoves.

See Beyoncé's Spanish VersionOf "Move Your Body"

Without any special effects,costume changes, or celebrity guests, Beyoncé manages to create one of her mostcompelling videos to date. In a behind-the-scenes clip, students discuss theirstruggles to make better eating choices, and Beyoncé explains her desire tohelp spread Michelle Obama's encouraging message.

"It's all about promoting thebenefits of healthy eating and exercise," she said. "But what we want to do ismake it fun by doing something that we all love to do. And that's dance."

According to the WashingtonPost, Michelle Obama's team was not involved with making the video, but thoughtit was a good idea. A representative said the clip is "a great example of howpeople can get involved with 'Let's Move!' and bring this message to more andmore young people."

The video will be shown at schools as part of an initiative sponsored bythe National Association Of Broadcasters, the American Association Of SchoolAdministrators, the National Middle School Association, and the National SchoolBoards Association.

Learn The "Move Your Body" Choreography

Beyoncé isn't the onlycelebrity encouraging kids to stay fit. Wayne Brady also joined the cause with Thursday'srelease of his hip-hop, dance video "You Are What You Eat" from his kidsalbum, "Radio Wayne."

Watch Wayne Brady's "You AreWhat You Eat" Video

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There were plenty more bigmusic news stories this week. It was announced that Michael Jackson's NeverlandRanch would be re-created in Las Vegas.Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora's bout with alcohol is taking him torehab. "American Idol" found stiff competition with new talent show "TheVoice." And, music great Phoebe Snow died at the young age of 58.

Now that we've gotten you upto speed on the latest happenings in the world of music, we hope it satisfiesyou until our recap next week. See you then.


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3) Blame It On The Alcohol --Bon Jovi guitarist heads to rehab

4) New Kids On The Block -- "TheVoice" brings competition for "American Idol"

5) R.I.P. -- PhoebeSnow dead at 58


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