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Apr. 26-May 1: Melissa Etheridge Criticizes ‘Miss California’ Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Stop The Presses!

Melissa Etheridge has been performing her song "Miss California" in liveshows, but the record that attacks the state's controversial measureProposition 8 is now available for purchase as a track on Etheridge's newalbum, Fearless Love.

Etheridge condemns the measure for only recognizing marriagebetween a man and a woman. The singer recently ended a 9 year same-sexrelationship with Tammy Etheridge.

Etheridge opens her rock-driven, angst-fueled song with thelyric, "Miss Californiawhat did I do wrong?" She complains, "You try to shove me in your closet" andargues "I can be who I am." She adds, "Your propositions make me feel so cold."

Etheridge told RollingStone that she was shocked by the state's ban on gay marriage. "I thought California was soforward-thinking," she told the magazine. "Proposition 8 was a reality call."

In an interview with website WatermarkOnline,Etheridge said she wanted the song to be confrontational. "I tried to be justshort of knocking you over the head with it," she said.

Etheridge wasn't the only musician making politicalstatements this week. Both Shakira and Ricky Martin spoke out against thecontroversial anti-immigration measure Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

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The bill deems it a misdemeanor crime for an undocumentedalien to be in Arizonaand is believed to encourage racial profiling. Shakira traveled to Phoenix Thursday toconvey her concerns with the measure with the city's police chief and mayor.

"I heard about it on the news and I thought, 'Wow,'" Shakiratold TheAssociated Press. "It is unjust and it's inhuman, and it violates the civiland human rights of the Latino community."

Thursday night, Martin addressed the law during hisappearance at the Billboard LatinMusic Awards. Martinsaid, "Put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop toracism."

American Idolfavorite Crystal Bowersox may not have any political gripes this week, but shehas every right to be upset with an opportunisticdentist, who offered her free dental work, and sent out a press releasechampioning the questionable good deed.


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