Stop The Presses!

Asteroids Galaxy Tour Have The Magic (iPod) Touch

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

When the fine folks at Apple needed a new iPod Touch ad song--specifically for a commercial promoting the gadget's awesome video-gaming properties--they could've chosen pretty much any video game tune.

Buckner & Garcia's '80s arcade ode "Pac-Man Fever" would have been our first choice...or maybe Freezepop's more modern indie-electro obscurity "I Am Not Your Gameboy." But instead the Apple ad execs went with "Around The Bend" by aptly named Danish band the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. This is an excellent choice, too--because this uptempo tune kicks some serious asteroid.

We dare you to listen to just the 30 seconds of "Around The Bend" featured in the new promo, and not get it lodged in your head for days and days and days. It's as addictive as a video game itself.

Clearly these great Danes have the magic Touch:

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