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August 1-7: Nicki Minaj’s Week Of Peaks And Valleys

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Nicki Minaj's otherwise great
week of music news was plagued by a few highly embarrassing moments.

But things got started on a
good note. On Wednesday, the Young Money rapper's single "Super Bass"
reached Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it her highest ranking
solo song to date. She wowed the "Good Morning America" audience
Friday when performing during the morning show's summer concert series in Central Park. During her interview with GMA host Robin
Roberts, Nicki revealed that she had just joined the cast of the animated movie
"Ice Age 4." Later, other reports listed her as an upcoming guest on
Fox's "The Cleveland Show."

But as Nicki maintained her
usual upbeat persona during her conversation with Roberts, she had a rather
troublesome situation ensuring. Thursday night, an audio clip of a 911 call from
July 12 involving Nicki was released and circulated throughout the internet.

In the 7-minute call, the
front office manager of the Hotel Palomar in Dallas asks for police assistance. The
manager says a hotel guest who assaulted Nicki Minaj has locked himself into a
room on the eighth floor.

When the story broke last
month that Nicki's assistant Safaree Samuels, who is also rumored to be her
boyfriend, hit her in the face with a suitcase, the "Moment 4 Live"
rapper denied it.

"The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its
raining," Nicki said via Twitter. "You'd believe u were an adopted martian
if TMZ told u so."

Nicki has not commented further
on the 911 call since its release, nor has she addressed her wardrobe
that occurred during her GMA set.

While dancing and performing
her song "Where Them Girls At," Nicki's tank top slipped. ABC came
under attack from viewers and parent groups for failing to prevent the indecent
exposure from airing during the live feed, and issued an apology Friday.

"Although we had a
five-second delay in place for the Nicki Minaj concert on GMA, the live East
Coast feed of the concert regrettably included certain fleeting images of the
performer that were taken out of later feeds of the broadcast in other time
zones. We are sorry that this occurred," ABC said in the statement.

Nicki wasn't the only
celebrity to have a shocking moment on stage this week. Canadian pop star Avril
Lavigne was blindsided when a fan ran up to her as she prepared to sing a cover
of Coldplay's "Fix You." Fortunately, two security guards immediately
escorted the fan away.

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Former "American
Idol" winner Fantasia broke the news of her pregnancy during her charity
concert at the Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville,
Florida last week. "This
child that I carry, God has given me this child, and I don't have to hide it
from none of y'all," she said. Fantasia had a widely publicized meltdown
last fall, following being sued by the wife of Antwaun Cook, who she had been
dating. Then, Fantasia confessed to having an abortion after being impregnated
by Cook, and attempted suicide. Fantasia, who appeared to be in great spirits
when sharing the news, did not reveal the name of the child's father.

Amy Winehouse fans were happy
to learn this week that proceeds from the late singer's duet with legend Tony
Bennett will go to the charity her father Mitch is establishing in her honor.
The song, "Body And Soul," will be featured on Bennett's September 20
album, "Duets II." The week's most light-hearted news comes from
Justin Bieber's hip hop alter ego Shawty Mane. In Shawty Mane's latest rap
chronicle, the wannabe rapper guests on Chris Brown's hip hop mixtape "Boy
In Detention." Bieber showcases his rhyming skills on the song
"Ladies Love Me."

Be sure to find links below
to more info on this week's music stories. Otherwise, we'll see you next week
for another roundup of the most compelling music news headlines.


1) Oops (Oh My) -- Nicki
Minaj's 911 call and more revealed.

2) Body And Soul -- Amy
Winehouse duet with Tony Bennett going to charity.

3) Baby Shower  -- Troubled Idol Fantasia announces pregnancy.

4) Surprise Guest -- Avril
Lavigne concertgoer invites herself on stage.

5) Ego Trip -- Justin
Bieber's alter rap ego appears on Chris Brown mixtape.


Photo credit: AP / Charles Sykes


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