Stop The Presses!

August 16-22: Lady Gaga Beats Britney For Most Twitter Followers

Stop The Presses!

BritneySpears has enjoyed a nice run as the Twitter user with the most followers.But on Friday, her reign ended. All hail Lady Gaga, the new queen ofthe social media site.

By Friday afternoon, Gaga reached 5,670,779 followers,narrowly surpassing Britney's 5,668,825 base.

According to,Ashton Kutcher comes in third place with 5,542,023, The Ellen DeGeneres Show ranks fourth with 5,053,073, and PresidentBarack Obama takes the fifth position with 5,003,469.

This news comes weeks after Gaga was also deemed the biggestname on Facebook.

During the first week of July, she surpassed PresidentBarack Obama as the living person with the most Facebook fans. Then, the"Paparazzi Singer" amassed 10 million supporters. In less than two months, hernumber of Facebook followers has risen to more than 16 million, reports.

Also last month, Gaga's "Bad Romance" and Justin Bieber's "Baby"videos competed for the most video streams on YouTube. Bieber's collaborationwith Ludacris triumphed with245,746,720 views. Gaga was a close second with a respectable 245,493,709 plays.

Aerosmithfrontman Steven Tylerdid not break any records -- or bones -- this week, but he did reveal some goodnews. He was actually okay after falling from a Toronto stage Tuesday after bumping into bandmateJoe Perry during a catwalk performance of "Love In An Elevator." Not only didhe bounce back, but two days later, Tylerannounced that he would be joining the judge's panel on American Idol.

American Idolseason 3 winner FantasiaBarrino, who was hospitalized last week after overdosing on aspirin, releaseda statement letting her fans know that she was okay.

Other shockers this week included news that Wyclef Jean was not eligibleto run for the president of his homeland Haiti,and Erykah Badu was finedfor disrobing in Dallaslast April.

Check back next week, and we'll have even more juicy tidbitsfor you.


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