Stop The Presses!

August 23-29: Ex-’Gossip Girl’ Taylor Momsen Remakes Eminem And Rihanna Song, Says No Drama

Stop The Presses!


Well, in all fairness, former Gossip Girl star and PrettyReckless lead singer Taylor Momsen says she does not have any beef with Rihanna. She stressed to the BBC'sRadio 1 that her comment about the "Rude Boy" singer published by Spin.comwas misinterpreted.

Let me help Taylorclean this up. You see, when Taylorsaid, "People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. NowRihanna's wearing [...] leather jackets, and it's really annoying," she didn'tmean for it to be taken as a diss.

"I love Rihanna," shelater told the BBC. "I think she's awesome. I really do. People take quotes andthey cut out the middle section -- the compliment part -- and put a comma andmake you sound really rude."

Momsen said she was making a comparison between pop and rock"and talking about the market."

We won't instigate a feud. We will accept her explanation. Butwe can't help taking a side on a related Taylor-vs.-Rihanna issue.

During the Pretty Reckless's visit with Radio 1, the band coveredEminem and Rihanna's pop duet"Love The Way You Lie."


The Pretty Reckless did something the American Idol judges refer to as making the song their own. Theirrendition of "Love The Way You Lie" abandons the rap and focuses on Taylor's dark, raspypain-filled vocals over dramatic acoustic guitars.

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Honestly, the tone of Pretty Reckless version is a truersonic fit with the song's chilling story line. It's a nice remake, but I stilllike original bthe week's only big debate. Wyclef Jean lashed out at Haitianofficials for preventing him from running for president. Rolling Stone listed its top 100 Beatles songs, and a respectednews site got a hold of a script for Miley Cyrus 'sracy new movie.

Yes, of course, we've got all the details and hot links foryou below. Enjoy. See you next week.


1) LoveThe Way You Lie -- A Gossip Girl takeson a "Rude Boy" singer

2) Top100 -- Beatles' greatest songs: Did 'Rolling Stone' get it right?

3) Disqualified-- Wyclef speaks out about failed presidential bid

4) Can'tBe Tamed -- Miley Cyrus takes on controversial movie role

5) TheColor Purple -- Fantasia rebounds to promote new album


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