Stop The Presses!

August 30-September 5: Kanye West Apologizes To Taylor Swift One Week Before Return To VMAs

Stop The Presses!

I have a cynicalinterpretation of Kanye'slong Saturday morning Twitterapology to Taylor Swift, but, let's table that for now.

One year after Kanye tookthe microphone out of Taylor's hands during her acceptance speech for herfirst Video Music Award win, the media villain apologizedin a public forum to his 900,000 followers.

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In Kanye's dozens of tweetson the topic, he revealed regrets, why he pulled out of his tour with LadyGaga, his understanding of the criticism of his actions, and the song he wrotefor Taylor tomake amends.

"How deep is the scar... I bledhard," he wrote. "(C)anceled tour with the No. 1 pop star in the world... closed the doors of my clothing office."

Kanye said he is now adifferent person. "I'm ready to get out of my own way," he said on his Twitter page. "The ego isoverdone."

Kanye felt horrible when therealization of his actions finally sank in. "When I woke up from the crazy nightmareI looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE ... I take the responsibility for myactions," he said.
Kanye admitted it was unfairto subject Taylorto his beef with the celebrated industry events. "She had nothing to do with myissues with award shows," he wrote. "She had no idea what hit her. She's justalil girl with dreams like the rest of us.

"She deserves the apologymore than anyone," he continued.

"I wrote a song for TaylorSwift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it," he tweeted. "If she won'ttake it then I'll perform it for her."

Kanye discussed the flack hehas received from the public: being booed at concerts, labeled a racist,and wished the ultimatedemise.

The "Power" rapper wants theopportunity to win over each of his detractors. "I wish I could talk to everyhater face to face and change (their) opinion of me one conversation at a time,"he said in the post.

Even though I would personallybe hesitant to accept an apology one year after the fact, I am glad that Kanyehas finally explained how he has processed his actions and the aftermath.

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Kanye's reflection waseloquent, detailed and sincere. I appreciate that these were his direct,unedited words. I've come to hate publicist-scrubbed statements that areguarded and politically correct.

But I also find it suspiciousthat Kanye's outcry comes just one week before his return to the Video MusicAwards. The timing is strategic.

I'm curious to see whether he andTaylor will reunite next Sunday as VMA host Chelsea Handler has wished. Itwould sure be interesting if he performed the song he wrote for Taylor.

The massive media attentiongiven to Kanye's surprising admission is giving T.I. and his wife Tiny a breakfrom the coverage of their Wednesday night arrest for reportedly possessing acontrolled substance.

Elsewhere, Dancing With The Stars announced thatsingers Michael Bolton and Brandy would be joining Florence Henderson, BristolPalin, The Situation, and David Hasselhoff for the new season. Fox reportedthat American Idol judge KaraDioGuardi won't be coming back, and Katy Perry's new album, Teenage Dream, topped the charts thisweek.

Music news can't get muchbetter than this. See you next week.


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