Stop The Presses!

August 9-15:Rihanna Maintains Grammar In French Tattoo Is Correct

Stop The Presses!

Rihanna is perfecting herdamage-control techniques. She was ridiculed earlier this week for a new tattooshe got on her neck. But the artist, who loves her body art, wasn't criticizedfor the placement of the tattoo, but for its wording: "rebelle fleur."


News outlets interpreted thephrase to mean rebellious flower and accused Rihanna of bad grammar. In French,the nouns precede the adjective. They argued that the correct wording would be "fleurrebelle."

Rihanna responded to herdoubters in a text message she sent to her tattoo artist Keith "Band Bang"McCurdy. The red-haired pop star maintained that her messaging was accurate.

"'Rebelle fleur' translatesto rebel flower, NOT rebellious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur doesnot HAVE to be first! Fyi, cuz they will ask," Rihanna wrote in the textmessage, according to OK!magazine.

The rebel flower also madenews this week for selling out a Last Girl On Earth tour stop at Madison Square Gardenson Thursday. One portion of the show brought concertgoer Kanye West to tears.

West revealed his reflectivemoment during his own New York concertThursday night at the Manhattanclub Rosewood. "I went to Rihanna's concert tonight. And when I saw her [sing]'I'm so hard. Eh eh ey. I'm so hard. Eh eh ey.' I'm not gonna lie to y'all -- Imight actually start crying," Kanye said about Rihanna's performance of hersong "Hard."

"It just seemed like [my] littlesister on stage," he added. "With her productions, and her outfit, and her song,and rocking MadisonSquare Garden -- at her own show -- sold out. It's very [much an] emotionalmoment for me. And I'm just so proud of her."

Earlier on Thursday, MTVannounced that Kanye West would be returning to this year's Video Music Awards.Kanye's upcoming performance comes as a surprise, considering the backlash hereceived for bum-rushing the stage during Taylor Swift's best female videoaward acceptance speech last year. The big question is whether Swift will alsobe returning to the event. Considering she also has a new album to promote,this could get interesting.

The coolest news this weekwas Ellen DeGeneres' unannounced hip-hop performance on So You Think You Can Dance. Justin Bieber donated $1.06 from eachticket sold for his Nashvilleconcert this week to the city's flood victims. I hate to close on a sad note,but former American Idol star FantasiaBarrino was hospitalized for overdosing on aspirin. The incident occurred whileshe was facing allegations of having an affair with a married man.


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5) SomebodyTo Love -- Justin Bieber donates proceeds from Nashville show to flood victims


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