Stop The Presses!

Australia’s The Kin Performs Christmas Classic, “We Three Kings”

Stop The Presses!

Christmas is finally here! Well, almost. Regardless, you're probably more than ready for it to be here by now--right?

We think you deserve to take a break after all your holiday preparations. And to assist with getting you in the right mood, ABC's Music Lounge has worked with us to compile some music to bring the seasonal cheer.

Our selection for you while you're kicking back and waiting for Santa to come down the chimney is from Australia's the Kin, a pair of brothers who remember Christmas back home as being the "silly season" in which they'd sing carols on the beach--because, of course, Christmas falls in the summertime Down Under. Here they are performing a holiday classic, "We Three Kings."

Close your eyes, dream of warm weather and exotic locales...and hey, leave a few cookies on the plate for Santa, willya?

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