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Avril Lavigne Gets Into Character For ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Music Video

Stop The Presses!

Pop star AvrilLavigne adopts a new look and sound for her song "Alice," the first single from the soundtrackfor the remake of the Disney film "Alice In Wonderland." The video premieredFriday.


"Girlfriend,"the lead single from her last album, 2007's "The Best Damn Thing," had athrowback, '80s pop feel, reminiscent of Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey." But "Alice" is a more seriousmusical and vocal effort that calls Alanis Morissette tomind.

Lavigne recently discussed the song during an interview withRyan Seacrest on Seacrest's morning show. "I wrote it on the piano," she said. "It's a little darker, and talks about tripping out, I'm spinning around,I'm underground It's cool. It plays as soon as the movie's done in thetheaters. It's very exciting for me. I'm honored to be a part of the project."


Below, listen to Avril Lavigne's interview with Ryan Seacrest. She discusses "Alice" at the 3:01 mark.


Lavigne scored the opportunity to record the song during ameeting at Disney regarding her clothing line Abbey Dawn. Lavigne was goingover designs for "Alice In Wonderland" themed pieces for her Kohl's-distributedfashions.

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"I just said to the people at Disney, 'Hey I am writingsongs right now for my album. If you guys want me to write a song for themovie, I'd love to.'"

The staff checked with "Alice" director Tim Burton and he wasinterested in having Lavigne write a song. Immediately after receiving the wordfrom her manager, Lavigne began writing the music.

"I got off the phone, sat down at my piano at home and wrotethe song immediately," Lavigne explained. "I was so inspired because I had beendesigning for the movie, the clothing for the line, so I had all the images inmy head. I went in to a meeting with Tim Burton, and I played it for him andgave him the CD, and he was lovely. He called me and he said, 'I love the song,it's perfect.' I was just like wow."

Lavigne said her fourth studio album is slated fora June release, and she plans to issue the first single in April.

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"I'm pretty much done with my record," Lavigne said. "It'sall coming together. I just did my photo shoot for my album cover."

Lavigne also explained that her husband, Deryck Whibley,with whom she is separated, contributes a lot of production and mixing on thealbum.

"We work really well together," Lavigne said. "And we stayin touch. I think we are very lucky. We've been friends for really long time...SoI feel very grateful for that."

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