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Ayla Brown’s New Album Is “Available”

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Ayla Brown, daughter of the newly elected Sen. Scott Brown, has a new album.

As a former contestant on "American Idol," Ms. Brown is no stranger to the spotlight. Still, it took her father's recent win in the Massachusetts Senate race to really raise her online profile. His embarassing, off-the-cuff remarks ("My daughter is available," he quipped, much to his daughter's horror) certainly didn't hurt.

Following her dad's surprise victory and TMI-fueled speech, Web searches for "ayla brown" and "ayla brown singer" surged into the thousands. Folks wanted to know more than just her relationship status.

Ask, and ye shall receive. Ayla has a new CD out entitled "Circles," and its getting a good amount of buzz. The album was originally scheduled to be released in April, but Ms. Brown has elected to strike while the iron is hot. The five-song EP debuted on iTunes earlier this month.

According to a blog from The Washington Post, customer reviews range from "She is very talented" to "these are some of the worst songs i've ever heard." Web lookups on "ayla brown circles" and "ayala brown circles reviews" both posted significant gains over the past week.

But how's the album? The New York Post offers up its own take on Ms. Brown's effort. The paper gives props to the faster, happier tunes-the slower ballads, not so much. Still, the Post remarks that Ms. Brown never embarasses herself with the record. In other words, she's got some talent.  

Want to see and hear for yourself? Yahoo! Video has several clips, including the video for "Pick It Up." Check it out below...

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