Stop The Presses!

Best Coast Can Has Cheezburger in New LOLcats Video

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

These days, cats and pop music go together like, well, cats and catnip. From Keyboard Cat, Piano Cat, and DJ Kitty, to that bizarrely psychedelic "Feed The Senses" Friskies commercial, to the lip-synching kitties of, this Interweb trend seems to have nine lives.

So pop culture's latest meshing of the feline minds comes from Los Angeles indie-pop band Best Coast, who have thrillingly teamed with the LOLcats over at for their caption-tastic new music video, "Crazy For You." And the Internet is going crazy for it, naturally.


I can has great music video? Yes, you can, Best Coast. We can't stop LOLing over here.

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