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‘Best-Looking Woman’ Christina Hendricks is a Music Video Star

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Apparently being America's best-looking woman isn't a full-time job.

Christina Hendricks, the "Mad Men" star recently voted "America's best-looking woman" by readers of Esquire magazine, has been moonlighting as a music-video star.

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Those used to seeing Hendricks in stylish fashions of the 1960s as office manager Joan Holloway will get a kick out of her new role as a futuristic android in a new, "Star Wars"-esque music video. The video is for the song "Ghost Inside" by the band Broken Bells, and shows Christina in a military-style jumpsuit flying a spacecraft to a sunny paradise. Broken Bells is a new collaboration between the popular indie artists Danger Mouse and James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins. Their first, self-titled album, from which "Ghost Inside" comes, was released in March.

When news of the video's star first came out last week, Mercer told Entertainment Weekly that he was surprised when Hendricks said yes to the role: "We assumed we would ask and that'd be it. She's got to be so busy, and who the hell are we? But she said yes! Turns out she's a fan of our record."

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This isn't the first time Hendricks has starred in a music video. Way back in 1998, long before her "Mad Men" fame, Hendricks played a groupie in the video for Everclear's "One Hit Wonder," directed by now-famous action film director McG:


Hendricks will resume her role as Joan Holloway on "Mad Men" in July, and also has a role in the upcoming drama "Life As We Know It"  starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.


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