Stop The Presses!

Best. Video. Ever.

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

We here at Yahoo! Music get a whole lot of video submissions in our mailbox. And we do out best to watch them all, to the point where our eyeballs become more glazed-over than Honeybaked hams. Some videos stand out more than others, but much of the time one indistinguishable video blends into another, until the effect is hardly more exciting than watching a test pattern. 'Cause if you've seen one Escalade, fisheye lens, or brooding angsty rocker staring wistfully out a tourbus window...well, you've seen 'em all.

And then a video comes around like BPA's "Toe Jam," which effectively peels that glazy film right off our jaded peepers.

BPA is one of Fatboy Slim's many alter-egos, and Fatboy is famous for making amazing, groundbreaking videos ("Praise You," "Weapon Of Choice," etc.). And "Toe Jam" features the unmistakable guest vocals of Talking Heads' David Byrne and U.K. grime emcee Dizzee Rascal. And it's a fine, fun, instantly hummable tune. These factoids alone are strong selling points for "Toe Jam."

But do read on...

Forget all that. All you need to know is "Toe Jam" features a clothing-optional cast of nubile '70s swingers (no Gunnar Peterson-trained six-pack abs, no silicone, just all-natural retro hotness) throwing the coolest shag-carpeted, shagadelic free-love party ever captured on camera. Toss in a few strategically placed black censor bars--utilized in a manner so creative that even the Do's & Don'ts editor over at Glamour magazine would be impressed--and you've got the best video of 2008. Or maybe the best video ever.

Watch it now:

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