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Beyonce’s ‘Billboard Awards’ Acceptance Speech Includes Two Nice Surprises

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Beyonce was in a good mood at the Billboard Awards Sundaynight where she received the Millennium Award.

After delivering an incredible, high tech show with scoresof digital clones of herself, not to mention 100-plus real live backgrounddancers, she appeared to have a euphoric moment.

Upon receiving the award presented by her mother, who was accompaniedby her nephew, Beyonce thanked her parents; former Destiny's Child members KellyRowland and Michelle Williams; her husband Jay-Z; and "all the legends" whosang her praises on the documentary style video that played before she took thestage.

But, in what came as a surprise, Beyonce also thanked thetwo founding Destiny's Child members who sing on the group's first two albums,but were fired, and replaced.

In what appeared to be a completely sincere, possiblyspontaneous gesture, Beyonce appropriately mentioned the women whenacknowledging the other members of the top-selling female pop group.

"I would like to thank Kelly and Michelle from Destiny'sChild. I wouldn't be standing on this stage if it wasn't for yall," Beyonce said.Then she became giddy and dropped the bombshell. "I would also like to thankthe original members of Destiny's Child," she said. She paused with the elation"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest has before he announces which contestantwill get to move onto the next round. Then Beyonce continued, "LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson."

The cameras panned Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, whowere sitting together in the audience, and they cheered.

Fans expressed their excitement on Twitter. "It was veryclassy of #Beyonce to thank #LaTavia & #LeToyaLuckett. Better late thannever," Poison_Ivy_1982 wrote.

LeToya, who was in Destiny's Child from 1993 to 2000,appears to have been moved by her mention. While LeToya did not reference Beyonceby name, she did happen to post a few tweets during the time of the Billboard Awardsbroadcast. Around 10 p.m. ET, LeToya tweeted, "No,thanks u....L*ve U."Moments later she added, "Happy tears..." Then, a few hours later, she wrote,"2day was a good day" and "it ain't ova."

Beyonce was a heroine at the MTV VMA Awards the night she broughtTaylor Swift back out on the stage to salvage the moment Kanye West had robbedfrom her. But this was bigger.

Drama surrounded LeToya and LaTavia's departure fromDestiny's Child. LeToya and LaTavia were allegedly fired from the group whenthey requested hiring management outside of Matthew Knowles, who is Beyonce'sfather. They sued Matthew and reportedly reached a settlement. They filedanother suit when the new version of Destiny's Child released the song"Survivor" was they believed was about their bitter exit.

Six years later, LeToya launched a successful solo career.

While the women have admitted to mending their differencessince, Beyonce has never acknowledged them in such an endearing and specificway at an award show since group shakeup occurred more than 10 years ago.

This didn't feel like a publicity stunt, but from the heart.Maybe there's a really big Destiny's Child reunion in the future.


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