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Bieber, Pharrell, Mark Wahlberg And More Shoutout To Actor Luis Guzman In Music Video

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Hilarious actor Luis Guzman is the cross-cultural party kingpin of Manhattan's Lower East Side in HBO's promo for the new season of How To Make It In America. The channel debuted a full music video in the style of club duo Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand" video and is remaking the song to use Guman's name. Harnessing the power of HBO's little black book, artists Asher Roth, Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi and probably the biggest pull, Justin Bieber, make cameos in the video along with Duck Sauce themselves and America executive producer and actor Mark Wahlberg.

It's fitting that HBO did a spoof of Duck Sauce, since the original "Streisand" video already looks a lot like a TV show promo. And while Guzman isn't the star of the show, I definitely appreciate the irony of pumping up the least "hip" actor on the show--using any of the other stars would be cheesy and boring. The video shows the actor partying with models, being shot by notoriously pervy fashion photographer Terry Richardson, dancing, driving and lots of other funny moments with Guzman hamming it up.

The promo has only been on YouTube for a few days, but it has already received well over a million views. My best guess as to why that is: A single tweet from Justin Bieber to his 12+ million followers with a link to the video the day it was posted. As evidenced by the plethora of "I'm just here for Justin" type comments, showing a few seconds of the teen pop star was one smart move on the director's partand certainly make the marketing department's job much easier.

What other artists or celebrities can you spot in Duck Sauce's "Luis Guzman" video?

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