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Bieber’s New ‘Do Is a Big Expense for Toy Maker

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When Justin Bieber decided to change his hairstyle last February, Jay Foreman was not amused. The founder and CEO of toy manufacturer the Bridge Direct, estimates that Bieber's small change cost Foreman's company a big chunk of change, around $100,000.

His company makes dolls based on Bieber's likeness. Not surprisingly, the dolls (we refuse to call them action figures) are a huge hit with kids. Foreman related his tale of woe to CNN Money.

Foreman was sitting at his desk when he heard shrieks coming from his co-workers. They'd just learned that Bieber had changed his trademark haircut, rendering the company's hot-selling line of dolls outdated. Foreman had already begun manufacturing a new round of dolls with the star's original haircut.

Foreman says that there was nothing he could do at that point because the dolls were already being made. However, during the dolls' second run, he decided to change their hairstyle to reflect their real-life inspiration. The move, he estimates, cost his business around $100,000. But Foreman isn't bitter. He says those are the risks when you make products based on a celebrity.

It's no surprise that Bieber's haircut is one of the most popular styles in Yahoo! Search over the past month, but he isn't at the top of the charts. That title belongs to Tom Brady. The Patriots quarterback's haircut inspired more searches than any other celebrity 'do.

Following Brady and Bieber are Emma Watson of "Harry Potter" fame, Katie Holmes, Carrie Underwood, Kris Jenner, Dorothy Hamill, Halle Berry, Diana Agron, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Notably absent from the top ten: Jennifer Aniston. Hey, that's OK. Angelina didn't make the list either.


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