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Big Bangs Encounter: When Greyson Met Bieber

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

It was the ultimate meeting of the bowl cuts, when Justin Bieber and the similarly big-banged contender to his boy-pop throne, piano prodigy Greyson Chance, came fringe-to-fringe backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Ellen DeGeneres, who was a presenter at the VMAs and was shooting an "Ellen Show" episode at the scene, arranged the meeting (12-year-old Greyson is the first signing to her Geffen-distributed record label, eleveneleven), possibly to quash rumors of a feud between her discovery and the Bieb.

During their brief encounter (which took place while another famous underage pop star, Jaden Smith, looked on), Bieber was gracious, telling Greyson he was "lookin' smooth" and complimenting Greyson's shoes after they engaged in a bromance-style hug/handshake. We'd like to assume that the two then exchanged pleasantries about each other's haircuts and compared notes about haircare products, but that conversation presumably took place off-camera. Oh well.

Watch this surely historical moment below. Incidentally, Greyson is currently in L.A. recording his debut album; if it manages to outsell Justin's, we'll see if Justin is as friendly during his next Chance encounter.

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