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Birdman Shows Off His $2.1 Million Bugatti

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Southern rapper Birdman is showing off the kind of toy a few million dollars can buy: the Bugatti Veyron. The European sports car is not only one of the most expensive things you can buy on four wheels, but it's also the fastest street car on the planet.

Birdman, who goes by his real name, Bryan Williams, when he's doing business as the CEO of Cash Money Records, is making sure everyone knows about his $2.1 million mode of transportation, too. The Dirty South rapper and his crew snapped some shots of the all-red sports car while holding a business card that reads "I am expensive," a statement which would be pretty hard to argue with, given the car's estimated $300,000 annual upkeep costs.

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Dressed in an all-red Adidas hoodie and track pants to match his Bugatti's veneer, Birdman and co. also filmed the delivery of the car for edification of the Internet community. The video also shows off all the luxury car's bells and whistles - including an adjustable spoiler and an ignition key that looks more like a Swiss army knife. The video signs off with the MC/CEO taking his speedy car for a test spin, and Birdman wisely keeps the car under the speed limit -- at least while the camera is still rolling.


And where speed limits aren't an issue, this car can go fast. The Bugatti Veyron has an average top speed of 267 miles per hour according to the Guinness Book of World Records. That's faster than a Formula One car -- not to mention about one-third of the speed of sound.

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Obviously, there aren't too many places you can drive a street car at that velocity, but that's probably not a huge concern since experts at Top Gear estimate the Bugatti would run out of fuel in about 12 minutes at its top speed. Not that you'd want to keep going past 12 minutes, anyway -- Top Gear also says the Bugatti's specialty tires would begin to disintegrate after about 15 minutes.

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Really though, it's probably high time Birdman got around to buying a Bugatti, considering the cover of his last album showed him proudly leaning on one. That album, "Pricele$$," may not have raced up the charts with the speed of his $2.1 million car, but his decade-plus history of music-making and business savvy has clearly given Birdman enough dough to pick up this plaything of the uber-rich.

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And that puts him in good company, considering Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise are two other famous Bugatti drivers. Hopefully, though, Birdman will have an easier time getting in and out of his Bugatti than Tom Cruise did.

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