Stop The Presses!

Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” Inspires Timewarp, iTunes Buy And Road Tunes

Stop The Presses!

TV advertisers must hate shrewd commercial blockers like me.

Like Mick Jagger, I don't care how white my shirts can be. With two toddlers less than 4 years old at home, those shirts are usually mottled with PB&J, mustard or sweet potato puree anyway.

Translation: All I want to do is get through my shows with limited interruption because I never know when "Pride" and/or "Joy" might wake. This makes the DVR fast-forward remote button my best friend.

That said, I'm not sure who is doing Kia Motors America's latest round of commercials. But you got me, people. Just not the way you might have hoped.

Burning through a late-night NBA game one Thursday, my Sony Bravia and I have a double-take: a group of hoodie-cloaked hamsters have foregone the Hartz Habitrail for rapping and low-riding around the inner city in a Kia Soul and a toaster.

OK, wait. What?

Pause. Rewind. Play from point of the red "Hamstar" hood toss.

Next thing I know, I've played this commercial five times--taking in Black Sheep's eternally infectious "The Choice Is Yours," bobbing to the mantra, You can get with this/Or you can get with that.

For a moment, I'm in college again. It's 1992, I'm working for my college newspaper, Whitney Houston can still sing, I'm jonesing for a Crystal Pepsi, and Sharon Stone owes me $11 and popcorn for mistakenly bringing a first (and last) date to Basic Instinct.

In other words, none of this stuff is coming back.

Neat car, though. If I needed one right now, which I don't.

But all is not lost, Kia. After hiding the household ice pick, I whip out the iPhone, Shazam the rap classic and buy it later, along with another now-personal-soundtrack song--"How You Like Me Now?" by a band called The Heavy.

Funny, I remember Pride favorite Muno (character from Yo Gabba Gabba), the Sock Monkey (a Joy fave from my local Target store shelf) and a handful of other kooky characters partying like rockstars to that song.

All in a similarly discovered commercial for the Kia Sorento.

Neat car, if I needed one, which I don't.

Fun party music, though. Since radio is all kinds of terrible these days, now I'm thinking I might keep these Kia ad execs around. After all, they're on their way to becoming my own personal A&R department.

At least now I know what I'm listening to tomorrow in my car--the trusty Nissan Altima, which should get at least another 100,000 miles before it croaks--with my lifelong kiddo pals in tow.

I can get with this, and I can get with that. Just one question, Kia. How you like me now?

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