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Bret Michaels And Daughters Cover Poison Classic For Kidz Bop

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Remember last year whenrocker-turned-reality star Bret Michaels covered Poison classic "Every Rose HasIts Thorn" with tween pop queen Miley Cyrus? Well, that's so 2010. Thatrendition gets the kibosh as Bret teams up with his daughters, Raine, 10, andJorja, 5, for another version of the No. 1 rock ballad that will appear on thenew Kidz Bop album, "Kidz Pop Sings Monster Ballads," due out next week.



Raine and Jorja sing the song, and Bret plays guitar. The girls are naturals. They perfom the track as a duet as opposed to the choir-like stacked vocals used for most Kidz Bop covers. Their version is acoustic throughout, and is more country than rock. But it's nice.

Kidz Bop asked Bret and hisdaughters to guest on the album, a spokesperson for the record company toldYahoo! Music. Bret was excited. "The mostawesome jobs I've ever had are being a 'Rockstar,' Donald Trump's 'CelebrityApprentice' winner, raising money for kids with Diabetes and, most importantly,being a good father. So rerecording 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' with Raine andJorja for 'Kidz Bop Sings Monster Ballads' was, by far, one of the coolestways ever to combine my love for music and family," Bret said in a statement. "Not only do I getto rock out with my two favorite girls, but a portion of the proceeds will goto the American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation."

"Every Rose HasIts Thorn" is one of 16 hair band tributes featured on the album. Otherfavorites include the likes of Warrant's "Heaven," Cinderella's "Don't Know What You Got TilIts Gone," Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home," Guns N' Roses "Patience," and BadEnglish's "When I See You Smile."

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The original"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" appears on Poison's 1988 album, "Open Up And Say...Ahh!"

In 2003, Bret released thesong "Raine" that is dedicated to his daughter.

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