Stop The Presses!

Britney Rejected! The All-American Rejects One-Up “Womanizer”

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

"Womanizer"has undoubtedly been very, very good to Britney Spears. In October 2008,her comeback single skyrocketed from #96 to #1 on the Hot 100 chart, amazinglybecoming her first #1 hit since 1999's "Baby One More Time" andreviving a career that was all but over. Finally, with "Womanizer,"Britney was doing well.

But you know who can do it better? The All-American Rejects.

This intrepid powerpop combo recently entered the Yahoo!Music/Pepsi Smash studios with just an arsenal of toy instruments and a simple,all-American dream: to one-up Britney and perform "Womanizer" their way. A better way. And they succeeded.

So this is the latest Pepsi Smash Cover Art created forYahoo!, and it's a totally compulsively watchable, totally viral insta-hit,maybe the most ingenious Cover Art yet. Not only is frontman Tyson Ritter's TedBundy-ish gaze at the camera lens even more bone-chillingly memorable than the creepy-crazyglint in Britney's eyes on the infamous evening she shaved her head; not only hasAAR created "pirate rock" music using found objects (a cheapo plastic accordion, empty beerbottles) that somehow sounds more sophisticated than the over-Autotuned, over-Protooledpop fashioned by uberproducers in Britney's million-dollar studio; not onlyare AAR's adlibbed shoutout to K-Fed and sly inclusion of the soundalikeTurtles classic "Happy Together" totally inspired...but it's a CoverArt that makes previous awesome entries (like New Found Glory's version of Justin Timberlake's"Cry Me A River" or Bowling For Soup's remake of Fergie's"London Bridge") seem about as staid and serious as, say, Bob Dylancovering Leonard Cohen.

And yes, it is better than Britney.

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