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Can Angela Lansbury Talk Dirty to Bret Michaels?

Stop The Presses!

Granted, the possibilities for jokes about Bret Michaels' run-in with a piece of scenery at Broadway's Tony Awards ceremonies on Sunday night have seemed endless. We've seen everything from Michaels getting a "crash course in live theater" and bringing "a whole new meaning to the term headbanger" to one blogger's riff connecting Bret going for a precautionary CAT scan to the story of baseball's Dizzy Dean, who was taken to the hospital after being hit in the noggin with a ball, resulting in the memorable headline, "X-Rays of Dean's head reveal nothing."

Seriously, though, while Michaels' mishap may have already drawn nearly as many viral views as Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent  (and for the three or four people in the entire world who may not have yet seen it, here it is:)

There are a few thoughts that entered this blogger's noggin over the entire incident. Like, maybe this wasn't an accident.

To begin with, there was the photo taken backstage before the show, with Michaels and fellow Poison-er Rikki Rockett flanking James Gandolfini and his wife Deborah Lin. Notice Bret's hand gesture. Now notice the look on Tony Sopra…I mean, uh, Gandolfini's face. Come on: You know what he's thinking--and those stagehand unions are, usually, uh, Teamsters, aren't they? Maybe Jimmy got a quick word in to someone in charge to "take care" of Michaels as soon as he got through his number. I'm just sayin'…

Then there's the entire Angela Lansbury factor to contend with. In statements made on Monday, the banged-up Michaels recounted what happened, telling his publicist that "'All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza [Minnelli] giving me a towel.'" And he added that, despite the mishap, he still had (nothin' but) a good time--and in particular noting what a thrill it was to have his picture taken with Angela Lansbury backstage.

Now we all know just how love-starved Bret Michaels is in real life. Just days ago, he revealed in an interview that his three-season reality show Rock Of Love hasn't really provided deal results. "It should be called Rock Of Dating," he said about the season three and his apparently over-already relationship with winner Taya Parker. "I felt lust and a lot of like. It was the same feeling I had at the end of the first two seasons. I go into these relationships with the same intention, but whether or not they last is a whole different ball game."

So maybe, just maybe, Michaels' injury was self-sustained--a cry for help that only an older, experienced cougar like the 83-year-old Lansbury might be able to adequately answer. I'm just sayin'…

And speaking of reasons for self-sustained injuries, isn't it true that Michaels' tell-all autobiography, Roses and Thorns: The Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy To My Reality is set to be published any day now? With a title that bad, what better way to try and drum up interest than a live, prime time TV head injury to drum up sympathy, and maybe stimulate sales?

I'm just sayin'…after all, there's no such thing as bad publicity, is there?

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