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Coldplay Says Someone’s Watching With Latest Song “Major Minus”

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Shifting from the optimistic, synth-laden elements of their first single, Coldplay gets dark and wary with their song, "Major Minus," which debuted on their YouTube channel this afternoon. Coming off the "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" EP, the band balances rock riffs with a beautifully ethereal interlude for the cautionary tale.

With acoustic guitars taking the helm accompanied by straight-forward lyrics like "Be careful who it is you're talking to," "Major Minus" provides the flip side (perhaps literally for the vinyl release) to the laissez-faire, life-affirming "Teardrop." Like a cinematic omen, I can just imagine Chris Martin playing the acoustic guitar in a deserted Western town right before everything hits the fan, our perhaps protagonist taking in the consequences of a literal or figurative hurricane. The sudden "chugga-chugga" guitar chords are a welcomed snap-to-reality from this stark perspective. Either way, the message for the brooding song is that someone's always watching, so be wary of the steps you take--an appropriate lesson for those particular celebrities and politicians in the media as of late.

Listen to Coldplay's "Major Minus":


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