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Daft Punk Next In Line For “Club Coke”

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

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Fresh off the highest-charting success of their career with the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, French electronic duo Daft Punk are going from the big screen to one of the biggest consumer products companies, Coca-Cola. This spring, Coca-Cola will be releasing Daft Punk's gold and silver bottles as part of its terribly pun-worthy "Club Coke" line. The bottles will be sold in limited-edition boxed sets at Paris's uber-chic boutique Colette and individually at handpicked clubs around Paris starting in March 2011. No word on if there will be an actual Club Coke party where the robots can DJ, but if anyone from Coca-cola is reading this, that would be an amazing idea. Just get a big Coke tent; anything will work.

Coke's foray into tapping the hippest France has to offer started off with terrifyingly cool Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld. Always a showman, Largerfeld's bottle featured the designer's full-body silhouette and signature and demanded a whopping three-and-a-half Euros, which at this very moment is about $4.81 (versus the roughly $1 an aluminum bottle of Coke usually costs). However, as a Daft Punk fanatic, I wouldn't mind traveling to Paris to pick up a few cases of delicious robotic goodness for myself. But sorry, Thomas Bangalter, your silver bottle looks like a second-place trophy compared to your Daft Punk bandmate Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's shiny golden one.

The project's PR rep has notified us that the radio ad that has been circling the Internet is only a fan track and that no official advertising for Daft x Coke has been planned. BUT the robots are producing something on their end that will be revealed in May on (although nothing sits there just yet).

These robots can even make soda seem cool. Touché, Coca-Cola, touché.


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