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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter Directs ‘Co’ Fashion Film

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One half of French electronic duo Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter, has gotten out from behind the helmet and behind the camera to direct a short film for Los Angeles-based fashion label Co's spring 2012 collection.

A resurrection story starring actress Elodie Bouchez, the film was shot in Marrakesh, Morocco, using vintage lenses and filters utilized by Stanley Kubrick in Barry Lyndon (for those film buffs out there). With subdued colors and a harpsichord concerto for a soundtrack (nothing spacey here), the film strikes as something much removed from Bangalter's work as a musician. Co's style is that of luxurious casuals and classic investment pieces, but with Daft Punk's laser lights and geometrics in the back of my mind, the fashion video seems a bit uneventful. But then again, considering Daft Punk's 2007 starkly stunning-yet-dragging art film Electroma, which consisted of 10-minute shots of body doubles of the duo merely walking and driving through desert, I'm thankful there is a cohesive plot this time.

Unfortunately, Co's collection of sophisticated staples get lost in the mood of the film (although Bouchez looks undeniably chic). But I have to applaud Bangalter for not going commericial with his direction. He avoids obvious close-ups of outfits, and didn't make a piece the center of the story, like most other fashion collection videos. It's less of a fashion video and more of a short film that happens to be styled by one label's collection.

Either way, the film is definitely worth a look from fashion and film fans alike.

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