Stop The Presses!

Dance Music Producer Martin Solveig Takes On Stadiums, Headbands

Stop The Presses!

Dance music impresario Martin Solveig released the third episode of "Smash" on Friday, the high-budget, ongoing video series leading up to the release of his new album by the same name.

The series is a clever way of creating cool videos while simultaneously letting fans preview music from the release. Each episode is a minimovie meets music video, sometimes nearly 10 minutes in length. The storyline features Solveig alongside the dapperly-dressed fictional 'manageur' LaFaille as they devise elaborate hijinks to expose Martin's music to the masses.

The premiere episode accompanied the hit single "Hello" and was shot in front of a live audience at the Roland Garros tennis world championships in France.

In the most recent episode, LaFaille imagines a stadium-sized stunt to grab the world's attention. Taking over the Stade de France - France's biggest and most prestigious football stadium - the crew shot the final, over-the-top scene in one take at the France vs. Croatia friendly on March 29th.

The production quality of the series is top-notch while the writing is succinct and hilarious.  It brings to mind the quirkiness of Wes Anderson paired alongside the mocumentary-style of Spinal Tap. It's an internet gem perfectly sized for viewing, sharing, then possibibly even bookmarking to watch again later!

The video series also creates a new benchmark in creativity for music videos.  This is a series worthy of blowing up on the big screen at home rather than streaming from a phone or viewing within the confines of a cubicle. It breaks the form of what we normally expect from a music video, a trend we've seen lately with other long form music vids (Lady Gaga, anyone?). 

Watch Episode 1:

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Watch the video for "Hello" by Martin Solveig:

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