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Dancing Dad Proves Bieber’s “Baby” Not Just For Babies Anymore

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Common logic dictates that Justin Bieber's fanbase consists entirely of girls under age 12. But logic apparently does not apply when it comes to Justin...because a hilarious new home video of a grown man dancing with his daughters to Justin's tween-pop hit "Baby" proves that Bieber Fever can strike victims of any age.

The crazy clip, which according to YouTube stars Lithuanian Bieber enthusiast Vitalijus Orlovas with his clearly less enthusiastic offspring during a living-room lip-synch routine, is the Interweb's latest viral sensation. And it's no wonder. Vitalijus's Bieber Fever is almost literally infectious here:

Vitalijus actually has his own YouTube channel, on which he's posted many more amateur dance videos soundtracked by pop stars like the Black Eyed Peas. But it's his Bieber clips that are far-and-away the most entertaining, like this other one to Justin's "Love Me":

Clearly, this is father-daughter bonding at its best...even if the father completely upstages the daughters every time.

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