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Dec: 6-12: Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Album: Tribute Or Classic?

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Michael Jackson was aperfectionist, and that's part of the reason why some fans are concerned about Tuesday'sposthumous release of "Michael," an album of previously unreleased songs.

Critics question how"Michael" could live up to the King Of Pop's legacy since he was not around to haveinput on the final product.

The authenticity of the song "BreakingNews" was questioned when it was released in November. The new song "Hold MyHand" featuring Akon has been compared to Hootie And The Blowfish's 1995 top 10song with the same title.

But producers andcollaborators who worked on the project feel confident that the world-renownedartist would approve of the material.

"I would say that this is amasterpiece," long-time Jackson collaborator Teddy Riley told the AssociatedPress, comparing the record to Jackson's best work, "Thriller" and "Off TheWall."

Rock musician Lenny Kravitz,who worked on the album's song "I Can't Make It Another Day," feels the sameway about his contribution to the record. "I know he stood behind it, so I'mcool with what I did," Kravitz told AP. "I was proud to put it out and knewthat he'd be all over it, that he'd be really with it."

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John Branca, a former Jackson attorney and co-executor of the singer's estate,believes "Michael" will be received as positively as Jackson's"This Is It" documentary, which was in theaters four months after Jackson's June 2009passing.

Black Eyed Peas, however, spoke out against the release of the project. Last springhe complained to the AP, "Why would you put a record out like that? Because hewas a friend of mine, I just think that's disrespectful."

Akon's perspective might bestreflect the way the album should be perceived. "I wouldn't compare this albumto any of his albums," Akon told AP. "The albums that he made up 'til now werelegendary ... Mike at his peak, at the height of his creativity," said Akon.

"This is not like a finishedproduct that you can compare anything to," he said. "It's more of an album thatyou can hold onto to commemorate and appreciate his legacy."

Jackson wasn't the only music icon to make news this week. Fansof the late Jim Morrison were pleased this week when the rock icon was posthumouslypardoned for an indecent exposure conviction in 1969. Susan Boyle received thegood news that her album was the year's top seller, and Lady Gaga had a life-sizewax figure made in her honor.

However, fans were saddenedto hear the reports that Aretha Franklin was diagnosed with cancer.

Let's send out some positiveenergy to the Queen Of Soul. See you next week.


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