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“Don’t Stop Believin’”: A Song’s Journey Back To The Top

Stop The Presses!

Now that Steve Perry is "retired" and has reluctantly, albeit profitably, given the rights for "Don't Stop Believin'" to two huge television series, it seems like everyone thinks they can sing the trademark Journey song. Even in real life. At the end of a wedding, everyone sings about the small town girl and the city boy.

A quick search on YouTube turns up over 100,000 results of "Don't Stop Believin'" videos, many of which are fan versions, either based off the insanely popular Glee version or the original. Heck, even Journey's current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, was discovered by singing a cover of the song and posting it on YouTube.

The current touring version of Journey; Pineda, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, and Deen Castronovo, are benefiting from the success of the 29-year-old hit with new life. Their most recent tour ended in March with rave reviews in every city.

Back in 2007, Perry had to decide whether or not to let The Sopranos use the song in its series finale. As a huge fan of the show, Perry feared his 1981 rock anthem would be remembered as the soundtrack to the deaths of the Soprano family, and wouldn't give his approval until three days before the finale aired, and then only after being told about the ending, he told

Another place "Don't Stop Believin'" was heard persistently was during the 2005 MLB Playoffs, when the Chicago White Sox used the song as their mascot and, according to an interview with, convinced Steve Perry to go to all four games as they swept the Houston Astros.

According to a May article in the New York Post, "The song is the best-selling catalog track on iTunes (more than 2 million downloads), and in January it charted twice in the UK's Top 10: the original at No. 6, the Glee cover at No. 5." In a rare interview, Perry told, "Glee has opened up a international catalog of songwriting and introduced those songs to a whole new generation that would have otherwise never heard them."

For a song approaching its 30th birthday, it's having a very successful Saturn return. Rock of Ages, the rock musical that was on Broadway in 2009, features the entire company singing "Don't Stop Believin'" as the final song, and even video game Rock Band was given permission to use the song, which it released in the same year with Rock Band 2.

As this song continues to be added to more generations' playlists for life, one can't help but think that Perry could come out of retirement and use his voice--ranked No. 76 in the Rolling Stone Magazine list of Greatest Sinegrs Of All Time--to create some more memories. In an interview with Nicky Horne on Planet Rock radio in February, Perry said that "this song has helped me personally to not give up" when he left Journey in 1998. Horne called "Don't Stop Believin'" "the gift that keeps on giving," and Perry understated that, "It's kinda come back."

For Perry fans, it is good to hear that he is excited about new songs he's written in the last couple years and although he's keeping it to himself for now, he admitted he emotionally misses performing. Maybe it will be enough to bring him back onto the stage. We won't stop believin' that could happen!

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