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El DeBarge Web Searches Spike After BET Awards Performance

Stop The Presses!

Some '80s icons will never be forgotten. And then there are others, like singer El DeBarge, who need to remind people that they're still around every once in a while. The R&B crooner's surprise appearance at the BET Awards on Sunday sparked off a slew of Web searches for his family, greatest hits, and upcoming album.

He didn't take home any awards, but it could be easily argued that El was the biggest winner of the night. The flame of interest was sparked when Ciara introduced DeBarge as a true artist who continues to create and reinvent. The singer blew through a medley of some of his greatest hits. "All This Love," "Time Will Reveal," and, of course, "Rhythm Of The Night" were all performed in his signature falsetto voice. 

Almost immediately, Web lookups on "el debarge" jumped from nearly nada into Yahoo's top 1,000 overall searches, with a staggering 10,529% surge. There was also a tremendous surge in "el debarge new album." The record, which was alluded to at the awards show, will be titled "Second Chance" (DeBarge performed the title track, a ballad).

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There was also great curiosity regarding the singer's age. Online queries for "el debarge age" and "how old is el debarge" both soared (he's 49, by the way). Such interest is understandable. While his hair is shorter these days, he looks nearly the same as he did while dancing to "Rhythm of the Night." He still rocks the micro-thin moustache, too. 

Related lookups on "el debarge real name" also jumped overnight. However, folks who did seek out his moniker may have been a bit disappointed to learn that the real name is, in fact, El(dra) DeBarge. There was also some confusion regarding his band. To clarify, the band's name was "DeBarge," and it consisted of various members of the DeBarge family, including El.

In other words, El DeBarge is the man, not the band. If Search is any indication, this solo attempt at a second chance may pay off in a big way.

Below, a classic video of El DeBarge doing "Who's Johnny" from Short Circuit. It doesn't get more '80s than this...

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