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Exclusive…’Crazy, Absurd!’ Go Behind the Scenes of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Rock N Roll’ Video!

Stop The Presses!

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If you haven't already seen Avril Lavigne's video for "Rock 'N' Roll," just be forewarned that the clip basically defies a cohesive description. Between the pop singer's warrior-military garb, the car driven by a dog, the famous guest stars (including a smooch with "Wonder Years" actress Danica McKellar!), the blade-adorned guitar...oh yeah, and the bearshark...this is one heck of a sensational visual journey.

In fact, as the director of the clip himself puts it, it's crazy, absurd, and badass, which is just the way rock 'n' roll should be, right? Yahoo! Music is excited to present this exclusive behind-the-scenes video detailing the making of this opus, with more director's commentary, as well as Lavigne herself weighing in on the action.

Meet the dog! See Sid from Slipknot chuck a baby doll! Get the inside scoop and a closeup on that kiss with "Winnie!" Watch the bearshark twerk! (Well, okay, maybe that's taking it a bit far, but he does do a little dance. ) It's all here.

Rock 'n' roll is NOT dead, indeed. Enjoy! The single for "Rock N Roll" is now available, as well. You can grab it here.

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