Stop The Presses!

Exclusive: Sting Discusses His Upbringing, Memories of Community, in New Music

Stop The Presses!

One of music's most enduringly popular figures, Sting, is poised to release his first album of original material in a decade. Yes, it has been that long—Sting's last such set was Sacred Love, which came out in 2003!

Now, on September 24, he'll delight fans with The Last Ship, which is not only an album—it's a retrospective based on his upbringing in northern England town Wallsend, which houses a shipbuilding industry and influenced the star to pen a stage musical set to hit Broadway in 2014. He'll also commemorate this special release with a series of benefit shows in New York City discussing the creative process behind the new music.

However, ahead of that, we at Yahoo! Music are happy to give fans a jump on what Sting will be offering. In this exclusive clip, the star discusses his upbringing in Wallsend, the ship built at the end of his street which is "emblazoned" on his memory, and the strength and character of the local residents.

As he notes, "It was a tough life these men led," but that he was touched by the artistry of the work created by their hands—and was inspired to write from their viewpoints, rather than his own.

"I think the basic message is it's a universal story about community," Sting explains. "About fathers and sons, and the importance of work." 
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