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Exclusive: Watch The Opening Of The Kings Of Leon “Talihina Sky” Documentary

Tiffany Lee
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A handbuilt outhouse? Using a roadside sinkhole for a dump? Getting to second base with your cousin? This isn't a scene from "Deliverance," but the actual beginnings for the Kings of Leon. Directed by old friend Stephen Mitchell, "Talihina Sky: The Story of the Kings Of Leon" is an incredibly intimate documentary film told through archival footage and home movies that reveal much, if not too much, of band life and gives an authentic look into the Followill family history.


Slated to air next week on Showtime, we've obtained an exclusive first four minutes of the film to show you just how meager the Followill boys' upbringing was. Attending their annual family reunion in Oklahoma, the backwoods shacks and simple country folk family members paint an starkly (although endearingly) different picture from the King's current lives. It's your classic all-American rags to riches fairytale really. With a pentecostal preacher for a father, they are literally the prodigal sons returning home, not to repent, but just to remember.


Earlier in the year I attended a friends and family show where Caleb Followill and his then-fiance, now bride, Victoria Secret model Lily Alderidge snuggled on the couch in a posh private room above a restaurant. They were the hippest, best-looking couple in the room and certainly the most famous. It would make sense if Caleb is now battling alcoholism due to the psychological shock of growing up deeply god-fearing and poor, then shooting to anything-goes fame. You're suddenly a wealthy rock star married to a gorgeous lingerie model, how would you handle it?


Check out the opening footage for yourself before the film's debut on Showtime, August 21 at 10pm. See more at


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