Stop The Presses!

Experimental Musician Dan Deacon To Score New Francis Ford Coppola Film

Stop The Presses!

In a bizarre meeting of creative minds, Francis Ford Coppola, one of Hollywood's most well-known and influential film directors, has tapped DIY electro-pop sensation Dan Deacon to create the music for his next film entitled Twixt Now and Sunrise.

The movie, reported to be a gothic romance by some and a horror picture by others, stars Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin and Elle Fanning. Coppola has chosen to finance the film entirely himself and shoot part of it at his property at the idyllic countryside in Napa Valley, California.

Dan Deacon is known for his quirky, mind-melding electronic beats that brim with experimentation. The music he makes seems to be where the unexpected is...well, to be expected! His artistic nature and cult-like following have led to millions of views on YouTube, re-interpretations of his work by symphonies, and invitations to perform live at gallery openings.

Deacon was tapped by Coppolla after the director heard him speaking about his craft on NPR (National Public Radio). It'll be interesting to experience the juxtaposition of Deacon's work against the classic visuals and compelling storyline Coppola is known to create. Mark this down as one to see in 2011!



See Deacon's music video for "Paddling Ghost":

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