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Feb. 7-13: Rihanna And Chris Brown Make Amends?

Stop The Presses!

Has Rihanna forgiven ex-boyfriend Chris Brown for the 2009 felonyassault that landed the "Deuces" singer on probation? Maybe so. The red-headedpop star extended a gesture this week: She approved Brown's request to havehis restraining order modified, an attorney for the "S&M" singer toldE! News.

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Brown, who was praised last week by a Los Angeles SuperiorCourt judge for successfully completing his required domestic violence courses,must return to court to have the restraining order terms amended. Under the newguidelines, Brown will be allowed to interact with Rihanna as long as he does notannoy, molest or harass her.

Rihanna's support of lifting the restraining order maysurprise some who believe she has been holding a grudge against Brown andconveying messages of retaliation in her songs and videos, "Hard," "Love TheWay You Lie," and "S&M."

UCLA clinical psychologist Dr. Gail Wyatt, who has doneextensive research on domestic violence and sex therapy, is concerned thatRihanna's music is sometimes "over-interpreted" by the public and media. "Idon't think that it's very easy to understand how a person feels in public," shesaid. "So it's difficult to assume that her behavior or experience is beinglived out through certain music unless she says it is."

Wyatt added that the shocking imagery and messages inthe music Rihanna has released since the altercation with Brown could merely be a wayto maintain media coverage. "We really don't know whether it's connected to herown personal experience or a need to find something different to sing about inorder to keep a person in front of the media," Wyatt said.

Rihanna has expressed her desire to help young girls intumultuous relationships. Making a public service announcement could be aneffective way of raising awareness. "Rihanna can help people make that leap bydoing ads and saying, 'Don't let what happened to me happen to you'," Wyattsaid.

Wyatt feels celebrity gossip distracts people from their ownproblems and she advises anyone facing domestic violence to seek outprofessional help. "You really need to sit in a private room and talk aboutwhat you've been through, what you've seen, and have a professional who istrained in sex therapy to help you break the cycle of violence in your ownrelationship."

Rihanna and Brown have worked hard to turn their livesaround in the two years since the incident. On Saturday, Chris Brown will beappearing on "Saturday Night Live," and Rihanna will be performing at theGrammys on Sunday.

Hopefully, Rihanna and Brown's performances will be betterreceived than Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas' efforts at lastweek's Super Bowl game. Aguilera was slammed for missing a lyric when singingthe national anthem and the Peas' set was criticized for beinganticlimactic. Things were even worse for socialite Kim Kardashian who wasinvited to jam on stage with Prince during his Madison Square Garden concert. Princekicked her off the stage, though, when she failed to dance. Ashlee Simpsonfiled for divorce from her husband Pete Wentz, and Justin Bieber traced hispath to Madison Square Gardenin his 3D theatrical debut, "Never Say Never."

Think Bieber will break any box office records this weekend?Come back next week for a full report. See you then.


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