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Fred Armisen’s First Post-'SNL' Gig: A Queens of the Stone Age Infomercial

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Now how much would you pay?

Fred Armisen may have recently left "Saturday Night Live" after 11 years, but he has already landed a great new gig: shilling audio products for desert-rock band Queens of the Stone Age.

One of Fred's many awkward alter egos, khaki-clad spokesman Ricky Chism, stars in a new, hilarious viral video promoting QOTSA's sixth studio LP, …Like Clockwork. While the album came out last month (and debuted at number one), it has just been issued on an eight-gigabyte USB flash drive, a development surely worthy of its own Armisen infomercial.

"What if their cloud doesn't work? Or our stupid Internet goes down again? Who are we supposed to call, the freaking weatherman?" says an incredulous Fred/Ricky, extolling the virtues of computer hardware over undependable cloud storage. Incidentally, the QOTSA flash drive doubles as a convenient bottle-opener.

Now how much would you pay?

Well, Fred is here to sell you the …Like Clockwork flash drive/ bottle-opener (which also comes with high-res photos, original artwork, music videos, and lyric sheets) for the low, low, two-for-one cost of just $29.99. But the laughs that Fred offers in QOTSA's new "Portlandia"-esque pitch video? Priceless.

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