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George Michael’s Gotta Have True Faith: His Questionable New Order Cover

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

George Michael and New Order were two of the great British pop acts of the 1980s. So news that George would be releasing a cover of the New Order dance smash "True Faith" to benefit the Comic Relief charity seemed like a very exciting development...except for the sad fact that George's Comic Relief effort turned out to be, well, downright comical:

It's not quite clear why the former Wham! man (whose Songs From The Last Century covers album featured genuinely respectable interpretations of classics by his '80s brethren U2, David Bowie, and the Police) thought it was such a bright idea to reduce New Order's BPM by about 97 percent, or--considering that he's actually a great vocalist--to saturate this robotic recording with enough AutoTune to make even T-Pain balk.

Seriously, this remake is the worst idea George has had since the last time he got behind the wheel of his Range Rover or decided to take a leisurely afternoon stroll through a Beverly Hills park.

George, please stick to singing your own similarly titled song, "Faith"--because "True Faith" is clearly not for you.

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