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Stop The Presses!

Being the most-nominated artist in the history of the Country Music Association isn't enough of a thrill for Alan Jackson. Apparently, the country superstar's real idea of a "Good Time" involves line dancing. And, this appears to be the case for a suprising amount of regular joes and janes as well, seeing as Jackson managed to round up enough folks to break the world record for longest line dance. (To clarify: That's "long" in terms of how many people are dancing, not time spent doing the dance.)

The feat was captured for posterity in Jackson's latest video, "Good Time," which--to those ignorant of the cause--comes across as a rather bland plot of decidedly ordinary-looking people doing a simple dance down an Anywhere, USA highway. (Newscasters from Nashville and Kentucky outlets make cameos througout the video in order to explain things to those randomly tuning in.) Jackson's mega line dance started a few miles out of Nashville and stretched all the way past the Kentucky state line. Reportedly, folks crossed state lines themselves to join the fun; some all the way from Oklahoma.

By and large, Nashville reported matter-of-factly on the feat (save a Nashville blogger who claimed "Alan Jackson Sort Of Embarrasses Us"), but we personally think it would have been far more of a good time if Jackson's fear that one of the dancers would topple over "and cause a domino thing" had come to pass. For those who missed out on creating history, the actual choreography to the dance can be found at Alan Jackson's official site.

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