Stop The Presses!

Get Ready For NYE with Landon Pigg

Stop The Presses! survived the holidays. The kitchen is cleaned, the Christmas tree is taken down, and you're studiously avoiding checking your credit card statement online (a little denial is okay, right?). Time to get back into the swing of everyday life.

Hey, no, wait! You've still got New Year's Eve ahead of you! Break out that Visa again (you'll need a snazzy outfit) and get back in the kitchen to whip up some appetizers for the big party! Oops, did I burst your peaceful bubble? Sorry...

To make amends, ABC's Music Lounge has worked with us to compile some holiday music from cutting-edge/up-and-coming artists that's guaranteed to put you in a jolly mood. This week, just in time for the big Ball Drop, we have Nashville singer-songwriter Landon Pigg, whose tunes have been heard in shows ranging from Grey's Anatomy to One Tree Hill. His jingling composition "Gardenia," which you'll hear now, has the nice duality of being able to calm you down while still maintaining a bubbly vibe (perfect for ushering in NYE festivities).

Enjoy, and remember--time to make those pesky 2011 resolutions soon, so have fun!

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