Stop The Presses!

‘Glee’: A music recap

Stop The Presses!

What a difference a week makes! WillSchuester finally figured out that his seemingly pregnant wife actually isn'texpecting a mini-Schue. Terri hid her body (and her pregnancy padding) from herhubby for months and he was oblivious the whole time, practically walking oneggshells to keep his not-so-hormonal wife content. Meanwhile, when the NewDirections glee club's eligibility for sectionals is called into question, thehapless Spanish teacher takes the fall. It was a rough week for Mr. Schue, butmusically speaking, we were treated to glee-makes of some Lily Allen, Van Halen,and ... Charlie Chaplin. Below, Hulu recaps all the tracks from Wednesday's"Glee."

'Smile,' Lily Allen

As Mr. Schue dealt with the falloutat home, he also campaigned not paid toget the glee club's photo in the McKinley High yearbook. (Cheerleading coachSue Sylvester is to blame for their omission.) But he only has enough money topay for an ad-sized photo, and that's enough space for only two members of thesquad: new team captain Rachel and her co-captain, Finn. To help the jock findhis good side, they burst into a little Lily Allen.


'Jump,' Van Halen

During the yearbook photo shoot,Rachel lands New Directions a minor TV role: an appearance in a commercial fora local mattress store. After attempting to act out the parts, the club showsthe store's owner that their vocal talents are way better than their actingskills. And what better way to prove that than with a littlejump-on-the-mattresses Van Halen? If only every mattress ad were this good!


'Smile,' Charlie Chaplin

Leave it to Sue Sylvester to spoilall the fun. Upon seeing the glee club's foray into local television, she stepsin to block the singers from going to sectionals. Turns out that sectional participantsare barred from getting paid for their services, even if that payment is madein the form of mattresses. Luckily, Mr. Schue steps in and takes the fall,stepping down as director of New Directions. And thanks to some craftyblackmail from former Cheerio Quinn she learned from the best, after all the glee club gets their own page in theyearbook. As they prep for their moment in the spotlight, they treat us to anew rendition of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile," which was most recentlyperformed by Jermaine Jackson at his brother's memorial service this summer.(It was one of Michael's favorites.)

Which musical number was yourfavorite this week?


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