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‘Glee’ Music Recap: Mash-Up

Stop The Presses!

Ah, high school. It's open season in the halls of McKinley High, and all-around football jock Finn and his cheerleader sweetheart Quinn are at the bottom of the food chain: Not only are they in glee club, but they're also preggers, making them a notch or two below the puckheads on the hockey team.

Meanwhile, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury and her fiancé, Coach Tanaka, have asked Spanish teacher/glee club director Will Schuester to create a mash-up for their first dance as a married couple. The only problem is, the unconventional lovebirds can't agree on a song (she wants "I Could Have Danced All Night" from "My Fair Lady"; he's hoping to show off his moves with the "Thong Song"), so they've asked Mr. Schuester to create a mash-up of both songs and help them with their choreography. But this simple request leads to ramifications that could affect the entire glee club.

Below, the Hulu team looks back at the songs of "Mash-Up."

'Bust a Move'
Will Schuester channels his inner Young MC and break dances all over the studio as he shows the kids that he still remembers how to "Bust a Move" and asks them to come up with the perfect mash-up partner for the 1989 hit. We dig Artie rockin' the bass from his wheelchair.

'Thong Song'
Again it's Mr. S. showing his stuff as he serenades Emma with a little Sisqó - after all, every blushing bride wants a little "Thong Song" on her big day. Trouble is, Emma's clearly smitten with the Spanish maestro. And when Will tells Emma that her dress is scandalous, he loses his balance and pulls Emma down on top of him. Awkward! Things get even more uncomfortable when, unbeknownst to them, Coach Tanaka catches them lying on the floor together, and he doesn't look all that happy about it.

'What a Girl Wants'
Regular viewers of the show know that Broadway wannabe Rachel likes to practice in front of her mirror at home. But surprise, surprise: This time Puck - the real father of Quinn's baby (though Finn doesn't know it) - is accompanying her on the guitar. Turns out bad-boy Noah Puckerman's quest for a good Jewish girl has brought him to Rachel, but after a hot and heavy make-out session, she tells him she can't be with a guy who hasn't done a solo.

'Sweet Caroline'
Since Puck isn't one to back away from a challenge, he does what any self-respecting football-playing guitarist would do: He serenades Rachel with a little Neil Diamond in front of the entire glee club. That's right: Callous Puck uses "Sweet Caroline" to woo Rachel. And it works! He has Rachel, Quinn, and the rest of the Glee girls eating from his hand by the end. Good times never seemed so good.

'Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)'
We never saw this coming: Sue and Will are spotted acting all chummy, and even dancing together. Blame it on Sue's new love interest, the local news anchor, who has asked her to join him in a dance-a-thon. She and Will get their kicks as they swing dance to some Benny Goodman. But sadly, these BFFs don't have lasting power: Once Sue catches her new fella locking lips with his co-anchor, she's back to her nasty ways.

'I Could Have Danced All Night'   
When Emma puts on an Audrey Hepburn-inspired wedding gown for her dance class with Will, they could have danced all night. Who knew the wide-eyed counselor had it in her? But every perfect moment has to come to an end, and this bridal-shop moment turns sour¬ when Emma finds out that her jealous fiancé has called for a showdown between the glee club and the football team, forcing the singing jocks to choose between the show choir and the end zone.

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