Stop The Presses!

‘Glee’ Throwdown: A Music Recap

Stop The Presses!

This week on "Glee," the kids are split into two groups as Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester battle it out for creative control of the singing club. The narcissistic cheerleading coach turned glee director, Sue, plays the race card to win over the minority students and undermine her rival, while Mr. Schuester struggles to stand up to Sue's overbearing approach.

Meanwhile, McKinley High's blogger threatens to break the news of Quinn's pregnancy, forcing Rachel to give up some of her most personal belongings in order to keep him quiet, all in the name of protecting her crush (and the supposed baby-daddy), Finn.

Both pregnancies on "Glee" have their secrets, and though we have to wait to hear how they play out, at least we have the music to tide us over.

A quick look at the top 100 downloads on iTunes Thursday revealed that two of the songs from Wednesday's "Throwdown" episode - "Keep Holding On" and "No Air" - made the top 20, while two other tracks are at Nos. 30 and 60.

Here's a look at all of last night's "Glee"-ful musical numbers.

"Hate on Me"
When she hears that the minority glee clubbers felt ignored by Mr. Schuester and the rest of the club, Sue realizes she's found her "chink in the armor." Her plan: "Sue's Kids," an opportunity for the minority singers to have their voices heard. To curry their favor, she brings along her own brass section to accompany a contemporary R&B song: Jill Scott's "Hate on Me." It's a chance for the soulful Mercedes to really let loose and for Mike to pop-and-lock as much as he wants.

"No Air"
As for Mr. Schuester, he focuses on getting his kids ready for sectionals, pairing Rachel and Finn for a cover of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air." As the two tear up the rehearsal hall, you can see Quinn become more and more jealous of the chemistry blossoming between the two leads. 

"You Keep Me Hangin' On"
The tension between Finn's two love interests - Broadway wannabe Rachel and pregnant cheerleader Quinn - comes to a head following a stairway run-in, giving Quinn the chance to prove that she's got pipes, too. Accompanied by the rest of the Cheerios, she tackles The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On" out on the football field. Is it just us, or do we see overtones of an early Britney Spears in this production?

"Keep Holding On"
For the episode's grand finale, the "Glee" producers go for a showstopping reinvention of Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On." This time, all the kids are onstage (yay!) as all of Quinn's emotions rise to the surface.

Bonus Track: "Ride Wit Me"
In the midst of the Sue vs. Mr. Schuester infighting, the glee kids come together for a covert jam session: Nelly's "Ride Wit Me." Though the single didn't make it onto iTunes, it's one of the least produced numbers we've seen on "Glee" - and we loved it. What did you think?

Which musical  number was your favorite this week?

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