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Hallelujah! Lady Gaga Starts A Fashion Tumblr

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

As the person with the most Twitter followers (currently more than 11 million) and Facebook page likes (nearing the 40 million mark), it's only natural that the social media-savvy Lady Gaga join up with popular microblogging site Tumblr to share her intimate, offstage fashion moments.

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Gaga signed up this week under Amen Fashion, named after a Born This Way bonus track, although that account name was already taken. (The Tumblr powers-that-be seized "amenfashion" from a non-celebrity Tumblr user, who'd registered it for a dormant blog.) After today, don't be surprised if you encounter frequent Tumblr technical errors, due to countless little monsters and curiosity-seekers trying to open Gaga's page. Just keep refreshing and power on through. It's not immediately clear how many people have started following Gaga on Tumblr, but her few posts have already racked up thousands of re-blogs each--huge for the average user, though paltry by Gaga standards.

It looks like Gaga will be posting her own iconic looks, both professionally shot or simply taken with a cameraphone in her hotel, along with screenshots from her music videos and quotes (that she probably should have double-checked) mixed in. Already, the Tumblr page feels more revealing than Gaga's Twitter or Facebook. With no promotional posts (so far), her Tumblr showcases a quieter side of her, and it's a welcome relief from her usual social-media frenzies. Although made with the intention to share her eccentric style, the page inadvertently offers a deeper look into the singer's off-duty life.

But with an endless closet like Lady Gaga, I'm looking forward to see more!

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