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‘Hoodwinked Too’ Gets Theme Song

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Lakeshore Records released Friday the song and video "YeahYou Know It" promoting the animated comedy "Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs Evil in 3D"out April 29.

Up and coming singer and dancer Lavay Cole belts the hip popsong with lyrics boasting the star Red Riding Hood's prowess. "The strongestman in the world can't even hold me," Lavay raps, about the crime fighter with "superhero muscle" and the ability to "break [her] way through rubble."

A follow up to its 2005 debut, "Hoodwinked," the latestcaper tracks Red's search-and-rescue mission to save Hansel and Gretel, whohave been kidnapped by the wicked witch.

The movie stars Hayden Panenttiere as Red, Glenn Close asGranny Puckett, Cheech Marin as Mad Hog, Tommy Chong as Stone, Joan Cusac asVerushka The Witch, Amy Poehler as Gretel, Martin Short at Kirk The Woodsman,and Andy Dick as Boingo The Bunny.


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